Well, this is one way to prove you’re down with the kids.

Teacher (and spoken word poet) Christian Foley shared the above video on YouTube.

On National Poetry Day, Foley performed a rap in his classroom using math and English terms while his Year students at Cardinal Pole School in Hackney, London, cheered him on.

“I’m just rapping what my pen marks, I don’t like your tone, I’m doing this with a board marker for a microphone,” he raps.

Foley told Inside Edition that his unconventional use of freestyle rap in the classroom is just another way to engage the kids.

“They love something different,” he said. “The government here isn’t really good at making curriculum that children like so when we break out from that the children love it because it’s like freedom and it’s centred about them.”

This is the second time Foley’s classroom freestyles have gone viral this year, after he posted a video called ‘Science of Freestyle’ in March.

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