If you’ve ever gone anywhere near Buzzfeed, odds are pretty good that you’ve taken a Friends quiz or two in your time — but you’re probably not as good as Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow.

Phoebe and Monica reunited to test their Friends knowledge on an episode of Celebrity Name Game, presented by Craig Ferguson.

In the clip, Courteney Cox gives clues for people and places associated with Friends (e.g. “I was married to him” as a clue for Chandler Bing), and Lisa Kudrow has to guess what she’s referring to.

No spoilers, but it turns out the duo know a fair bit about Friends, for some reason.

Between this and that NBC tribute to director James Burrows that reunited six members of the cast back in February, it’s becoming more common to see these old Friends get back together.

Could a real reunion special be in the cards? Here’s hoping…