When Marvel released Captain America: Civil War earlier this year, it got much better reviews than DC’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice — but as the latest entry in the hilarious Honest Trailers series points out, the two films really aren’t that different.

Fans of the Emmy-nominated Honest Trailers team have been waiting for their take on Civil War, and they didn’t disappoint.

“Enjoy the hero-versus-hero movie everyone loved instead of the hero-versus-hero movie that most everyone hated,” the video begins, “featuring a non-superpowered villain tricking a symbol of America into fighting a billionaire playboy using an incoherent plan that included blowing up a meeting of government officials and using the heroes’ mums to manipulate them, that ends with an ominous warning from a prison cell, and sets off a universe worth of spin-offs along the way.”

Personally, I was disappointed with Civil War for exactly the reasons pointed out in this video. The villain’s plan made no sense whatsoever and relied on a massive string of coincidences that he had no control over, and the need for the Sokovia Accords isn’t supported by any of the earlier Marvel movies.

That airport scene is an absolute classic, though.