It’s not exactly a secret that soft drinks are bad for your teeth — but some are worse than others.

YouTuber Tom Scott has posted this video, featuring young scientist Chase from ScienceC, that shows what happens when teeth are exposed to Coca-Cola and Mountain Dew for 19 days.

For this experiment, Chase drops some teeth — his sister’s teeth, to be precise — into bottles of Coca-Cola and Mountain Dew for 19 days, and then measures their mass difference to see how much the teeth have been eroded.

It might surprise you to learn that the Mountain Dew did more damage, even though Coca-Cola is three times as acidic.

Chase says that’s because Mountain Dew has a higher “titratable acidity”, and because Mountain Dew has citric acid added to it, which is harder on your enamel than the phosphoric acid you’ll find in garden variety cola beverages.

So, there you go — there are no real winners here, but if you’re craving a soft drink, you’ll erode your teeth a little slower if you reach for the Coke instead of the Mountain Dew.

[Via Lifehacker]