The folks at Marvel Studios have released a new clip that explains why Thor wasn’t in Captain America: Civil War — he was taking some ‘me’ time in Australia.

When the heroes of the Marvel Universe chose to stand with Captain America or Iron Man in Civil War, Thor was nowhere to be seen.

A new mockumentary-style short directed by Taika Waititi reveals that Thor missed all the action because he was living in Australia with his new roommate, a guy named Darryl.

Sadly, it seemed to be a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ for Captain America and Iron Man, because neither of them called the God of Thunder and asked him to join their team.

But that’s not to say Thor was completely idle during his time in Oz — he’s been investigating what those Infinity Stones that we keep seeing in Marvel movies are, and has some theories about how they might be connected to the “purple man in the floating chair” who “doesn’t like standing up”.

The hilarious short, dubbed Team Thor, is very much in the same vein as Waititi’s popular vampire documentary, What We Do In The Shadows.

You can watch it above, and it’ll also be included on the Captain America: Civil War Blu-Ray when it hits stores this week.

Thor: Ragnarok, directed by Waititi and filmed in Queensland, will be in cinemas next November.