If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise.

The above video shows what happened when sheriff’s deputies outside Denver, Colorado, responded to a report that a black bear had locked itself inside a car.

“Okay, how did he get in?” one deputy says as he approaches the gray Subaru. “I don’t see a broken window.”

It turns out the clever bear had simply opened the door of the unlocked vehicle and climbed inside.

Once inside, however, the bear started to feel a little claustrophobic, and tore apart the car’s interior — rendering the door handles useless, and locking itself in.

Eventually, the deputies managed to open the car’s hatch, at which point the bear bolted out of the vehicle and scampered into the nearby woods, leaving the car’s interior looking like it had been hit by an extremely localised cyclone.

After this experience, we can’t imagine this bear will be keen to take another car for a spin — but National Geographic reports that the number of “human-bear conflicts” in Colorado increases by four percent each year, so it’s worth taking precautions if you happen to be in the area.

“At least twice a year, we see bears getting into cars,” said Matt Robbins, Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s public information officer. “We encourage campers and people close to bear habitats to lock their doors, [since] bears are extremely bright.”