When Jack Jack, a non-verbal two-year-old boy with autism, visited Disney World, he didn’t take any interest in the park’s costumed characters — until he met Snow White.

Jack Jack was recently diagnosed with autism, after his parents had picked up on some early warning signs.

“When Jack Jack kind of regressed at six months old, we sort of knew,” his mother, Amanda Coley, told Inside Edition.

“To us he’s very lovable, he’s always been extremely happy, but when it comes to other people, he’s just very shy. If he’s scared of someone he cries. But otherwise, if he doesn’t know someone, he ignores them.”

Amanda wasn’t surprised, then, that Jack Jack didn’t engage with the characters at Disney World.

“He wasn’t interested at all. Then he met Snow White.”

Amanda says Jack Jack sat with ‘Snow White’ and smiled at her, even laying his head on her shoulder.

“Those are things we never get to see him to with anybody but us. It gave me hope there watching that that he will have the ability to warm up to people someday.”

Amanda says the actress playing Snow White was extremely patient with Jack Jack, even though she didn’t know about his disability.

“That was so touching for us. It’s obvious that she has a really good soul to bring out the reaction that she did.”

Little Jack Jack is still fascinated with Snow White, constantly requesting to watch the video of their meeting (“He’ll watch it all day if I let him,” Amanda says).

The family is returning to Disney World in November, and Amanda hopes she’ll have the chance to thank the fairest of them all.

“I would just love for her to know how much this has actually meant to us,” she says. “I appreciate how she took that time with him and didn’t rush him away. We’ve been in tears so many times just watching it and thinking about it. It’s something that we’ll never forget.”