It’s like playing Wipeout in real life!

British teen Luke Bannister has won $250,000 after winning the first World Drone Prix in Dubai.

The 15-year-old piloted his drone to victory along the illuminated outdoor track, using a camera mounted on the front of the drone to steer it through a series of hoops.

That sounds like an awfully specialised skill, but there were actually 150 other teams taking part in the competition.

Drone racing — surely the closest we’ll ever get to seeing a futuristic racing video game play out in real life — has enjoyed a recent uptick in popularity, but the Dubai race is the biggest, with more than 2,000 spectators at the track and a total prize pool of $1 million.

Luke’s team, Tornado X-Blades Banni-UK, finished just ahead of the hometown heroes, Dubai Dronetek.

Watch all the action above!

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