Clutch your handbags, hold on to your wallets and fear for your life – this crab’s about ready to mug someone!

You wouldn’t want to mess around with a crab on a normal day, let alone one who knows how to use a knife – well, this crab does, and he’s trying to mug someone with it!!

If you see him on the streets we suggest you hand over your valuables, back away slowly, then call the water police.

He’s described as small and crabby (in more ways than one), has brown nippers and is holding a large knife with a blue handle. Check out the CCTV footage!

UPDATE: If you thought this video was too good to be true, you’re right.

“It’s a hoax,” Jack Cover of the National Aquarium in Baltimore told the Washington Post. Cover says the crab didn’t pick up the knife itself, but rather, the knife was placed in its claw, and it wasn’t able to let go.

“Purely from a biologist’s standpoint, I’m surprised the video is getting the attention it’s getting. To me, it’s sort of showing a little bit about our tendency to be very separate from nature.

“A crab is not known for its large brain and it’s already got a pretty formidable weapon — that claw.”

Okay, so we don’t need to worry about threats from knife-wielding crabs just yet — but that knife-wielding, rum-guzzling monkey is still out there…

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