Watch as video editor Huw Parkinson sends former Prime Ministers Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard to detention to work out their differences.

From the same brilliant mind who brought you the Christopher ‘I’m a fixer’ Pine’s Star Wars and Barnaby Joyce’s Pirates of the Caribbean mash-up parodies, comes this new gem of editing sure to make you chuckle.

‘The Breakfast Clubbing Season’ uses footage of the exclusive interviews featured in last month’s highly acclaimed ABC series, The Killing Season where both of the former PMs snapped back and forth against each other about their infamous leadership conflict.

Making for some ridiculous viewing, but entertaining none the less.

In this video Parkinson makes fun of their snarky bickering by drawing comparisons with the the two main characters in The Breakfast Club.

“Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd spend some time in detention to ponder the error of their ways and dance to rad 80’s music” the video description reads. 

As Gillard and Rudd are seen walking down a hallway, detention supervisor Mr Estevez says, “These kids, when you get old, they’re gonna be running the country.”

Oh if only you knew Mr Estevez, if you only knew.