Well, this is pretty terrifying. A video purporting to be a ‘social experiment’ has caught out men trying to take advantage of a woman pretending to be drunk in public.

The video shows a young woman walking the streets of LA in broad daylight while pretending to be intoxicated, asking strangers for help getting to a bus or cab.

Of the five men shown in the video, four of them try to take the girl back to their house. Only one actually helps her find a bus step (and warns her against being drunk in public.

The video has been viewed more than 4,000,000 times, but there are questions about its legitimacy. The audio is clearer than you’d expect from a video like this, and none of the men’s faces are blurred, indicating that they either signed release forms (which is unlikely, given the nature of the footage) or are actors.

The video was posted by Stephen Zhang, the CEO of a company focussed on search-engine optimisation and viral social media marketing.

“Provocation just for the sake of provocation, it creates a lot of noise that drowns out the signal,” Jaclyn Friedman, founder of Women, Action and the Media, told ABC News in the US. “Without any other context this video looks like it was designed just to provoke. It can be counterproductive.”

It’s possible that the video is an attempt to capitalise on the popularity of the recent viral video on catcalling in New York.

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UPDATE: Yep, it’s fake. Actress Jennifo Box – the ‘drunk girl’ in question – has come forward to say the video is a hoax and all the men in it are actors (who aren’t thrilled that Stephen Zhang has made them look like total creeps).

“Had I known the damaging outcome of this video,” Box says, “I never would have participated. And for the record, every male seen in this video were nothing but perfect gentlemen.”