The New Zealand Herald has recorded their own take on last week’s infamous New York street harassment video.

The New York video went viral after it depicted the harassment that women face on the street. The video, shot over 10 hours in neighbourhoods all over Manhattan, depicts the woman attracting constant unwelcome catcalls, as men yell comments like “What’s up, beautiful?” and “Smile” at her, and one man, after being rebuffed, silently walks next to her for several minutes. Here’s the original clip:

The video has attracted plenty of copycats, and the latest comes from the New Zealand Herald. In their clip, a woman walks around the streets of Auckland for 10 hours, and… nothing happens. Absolutely nothing.

The clip is being held up as proof that New Zealand is more civilised than New York, and while we’re not so sure about that, one thing is clear — if you’ve ever wanted to see 10 hours of nothing happening condensed into one sweet two-and-a-half minute video, today’s your lucky day.