Clive Palmer’s party has handed over a list of its Qld members as it tries to convince the electoral commission that it should remain registered.

Clive Palmer’s party has handed a list of its members to Queensland’s electoral commission in a bid to retain is registration as a political party.

The Palmer United Party submitted considerably more than the 500 members by Monday’s 5pm deadline, the commission has told the ABC.

Those names will now be audited, with people to be asked in writing to confirm they are party members and names to be checked against the electoral role to ensure people are eligible to vote in Queensland.

The party faces possible deregistration if it can’t produce 500 legitimate members.

On Monday, Mr Palmer said his party wouldn’t have any problems meeting that test.

“We’ve got thousands of them, thousands. They’re oozing out over us,” the federal MP told Fairfax Radio.

He alleged electoral officials had requested an electronic copy of 500 member names and addresses so the list could be passed on to the premier.

“This is a stunt by Campbell Newman,” Mr Palmer said.

“No Queenslander should have to declare to the government what political party they belong to. It’s freedom of association.”

Mr Palmer also flagged a possible High Court challenge of electoral laws that necessitated the disclosure of party members.

“We’ll give little Hitler his list and he can then start his persecution of them, like he’s persecuted everyone throughout the state.”