Mark Harvey is back at Essendon for the first time in a decade and says he is happy to work under James Hird as an assistant coach.

Whatever the future holds for Essendon, Mark Harvey is happy to be back home and stay out of AFL senior coaching.

Harvey said he has no sense of unfinished business.

It is three years since Fremantle ruthlessly sacked him and lured Ross Lyon from St Kilda to take his place.

He then spent two seasons as an assistant under Michael Voss at Brisbane and sat out of the AFL this year.

Now the three-time Essendon premiership player and former assistant coach is back at the club for the first time in a decade.

Harvey will run the midfield in James Hird’s coaching staff.

“In some, way, shape or form, I was always going to end up where I started,” he said.

“I’ve had my time as a senior coach.

“I’m only too willing to come out and help James and the players.”

Harvey’s return is a timely boost for the Bombers, who are desperate for an official end to their supplements scandal.

ASADA have issued amended show cause notices to 34 current and past Essendon players.

Hird, who has served a 12-month AFL suspension, remains adamant he will stay senior coach.

“I’m here to coach and I’m coach of Essendon,” Hird said.

“I plan to coach next year (and) I’ve been told I will be the coach next year.

“Anything more than that is speculation … let’s see what the outcome (of the show causes notices) is first.”

Harvey has no qualms about returning, despite what has happened.

“I’m not clouded in any of this,” he said.

“I come in here with open eyes.

“I’m just here to make sure the club is stable and they galvanise through this time, that we get on with business, which is playing football and winning games.”

While speculation continues about Mark Thompson’s future at Essendon, Hird said Harvey would be an invaluable addition to their coaching staff.

“Most important, having Mark back is about having a terrific coach back – someone who understands football, who has been coaching for a long time and understands how to get the best out of players,” Hird said of his old team-mate.

“The added bonus is that he is a great Essendon person and very loyal.

“Probably except for Sheeds (Kevin Sheedy, he) has the best network of current Essendon people and knows who the real Essendon people are.

“That’s very important as well.”