Melbourne City midfielder Massimo Murdocca says his A-League club is building a style that will continue beyond David Villa’s departure.

Mindful of David Villa’s impending exit, Melbourne City are confident they’re building some substance to last beyond the Spaniard’s stay.

Villa is living up to his reputation as arguably the most talented foreigner to ever play in the A-League, netting equalisers to earn the club 1-1 draws against Sydney FC and Newcastle.

Spain’s all-time leading scorer is on loan and will depart in December, but midfielder Massimo Murdocca says it won’t be doomsday for City.

“The good thing about us is that, even though he has scored both of our goals, we’re not really looking to him 100 per cent,” Murdocca said at Monday’s recovery session.

“We’re quite confident that when he leaves we can continue to play well … we’re building a style that will continue beyond David Villa.

“That’s the philosophy we have to have. Because if we start relying on one or two players, we’re not really going to progress.”

For now, Villa continues to be the talk of the town.

The 32-year-old will take centre stage on Saturday night, when Melbourne Victory host their first A-League derby since Heart became City.

Having been a protagonist during many an El Clasico during his time at Barcelona, Villa didn’t need any schooling about City’s biggest regular-season match.

“David knows what to expect in a derby. As soon as he heard the word, he knew exactly what we were talking about,” Murdocca said.

“He will be ready for it. Same as (Irish recruit) Damien Duff.

“We’re all looking forward to it … you just feel the tension now, everyone’s waiting for it.”

The game will also be Victory marquee Besart Berisha’s first derby, with Murdocca ready to renew acquaintances with his fiercely competitive ex-teammate.

“When I was at Brisbane, I always said to my teammates I wouldn’t want to play against him,” he said.

“That still remains the case, but now I have to.

“If he drops into midfield, I’ll deal with him,” he added with a grin.

Murdocca, one of City’s best in Sunday’s draw with Newcastle, suggested he is more worried about banking the side’s first victory of 2014/15 than the hype that accompanies a derby.

“If we can get our first win against them, it could probably set us up for the whole year,” he said.