Queensland’s independent and Katter party MPs have formed a policy alliance to stop asset sales and take power from the Liberal National Party.

Queensland’s seven crossbenchers have signed an accord to fight state asset privatisation.

Katter’s Australian Party (KAP) MPs Rob Katter, Shane Knuth and Ray Hopper have signed an accord with independents Liz Cunningham, Peter Wellington, Carl Judge and Alex Douglas to oppose the state government’s asset leasing plan.

“It’s something we feel strongly about and want to stand strongly against,” Mr Katter told reporters on Thursday.

“There’s a very viable alternative in voting for independents and the KAP in the new government and that’s a way you can guarantee if the numbers are tight we can stop asset sales.”

The group has encouraged Queenslanders to vote for local independents and minor parties, not for the major parties.

Mr Wellington said it was completely feasible for a group of policy-aligned independents to co-operate in government.

“What we are saying is independents, real champions, people of the local community have a capacity to be involved. It happens around the world,” he said.

“We need the power to be removed from the extreme government we have operating in Queensland at the moment.”

But one member of the group has much more audacious plans than just holding the balance of power.

Dr Douglas said he’ll roll out 50 independent candidates in a bid to win government and end the Liberal National Party-Labor duopoly in politics.

“They will be community champions,” Dr Douglas said.

“You will see outstanding people coming forward and these will be the people that will become the big group of the next government.

“We can do better in Queensland. We must do better.”

The other accord signatories have made clear that fielding independent candidates was an undertaking of Dr Douglas alone and said they would act in the interests of their communities.