A former Palmer United Party parliamentary leader believes the PUP won’t run a single candidate in the next Queensland election.

A Queensland MP claims the Palmer United Party won’t run a single candidate at the next state election.

Dr Alex Douglas, an independent who quit the PUP alleging a “jobs for the boys” culture, believes the time for the party to field candidates has come and gone.

“I don’t believe the Palmer United Party will stand candidates in the next election,” he told reporters.

“I can’t say what they’ll do, I’m no longer involved with the party, but I don’t not believe they’ll stand candidates.

“I think the opportunity to do so has come and gone.”

Another independent MP, Carl Judge, quit the party last week saying he felt the PUP was distracted by federal issues.

But he believes the party will still run candidates and says Dr Douglas was expressing a personal opinion.

Mr Judge’s resignation left the party without a single MP in state parliament with analysts forecasting the death of the PUP in Queensland.

But Mr Palmer has promised to reveal his new state leader and election candidates on Friday.

Comment has been sought from Mr Palmer.