Miley Cyrus twerked, rode a giant ‘weiner’ and staged a mock orgy for her mostly teenage fans. But it’s when she stopped gyrating that she truly shone.

Miley Cyrus has twerked, straddled a giant `weiner’ and urged her mostly teenage female fans to enjoy life while they’re young.

But in spite of her routine hyper-sexual antics, the raunchy pop star was most captivating when she kept her famous behind still and just sang her heart out.

Covering Jeff Buckley for what she said was the first time on tour, Cyrus delivered a beautiful rendition of Lilac Wine.

Other covers were better received by the audience, including Coldplay’s The Scientist and Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, which is the first single from a Beatles cover record she has made with American Rock band, The Flaming Lips.

Cyrus told the young crowd not to worry too much if they felt sad sometimes.

“My thing for the rest of this year … for the rest of my life is just to be present and be in the moment and enjoy everything that you are feeling,” she said.

Cyrus said people wait until it’s too late to enjoy life, that’s why 90-year-olds have fancy cars and go on lots of holidays.

“I think people should f***ing enjoy their life while they are young,” she declared.

Cyrus takes her Bangerz tour to Brisbane on Wednesday next week, followed by Sydney on Friday and Adelaide and Perth later this month.