A plan has been circulated to unleash destruction during protests at Brisbane’s G20 summit, it’s been reported.

Protesters are circulating plans to unleash waves of destruction during Brisbane’s G20 summit, it’s been reported.

The plot to mar the event dubbed Plan B is being distributed online by protest groups, News Corp Australia reports.

It says the plan advocates destroying ATMs and billboards, disrupting sport and social events, occupying offices, blockading and picketing.

The plan cites an array of activist causes including globalisation, poverty and gay rights.

Attacks would be launched away from the heavily fortified security zones in favour of areas where police would be thinner on the ground, the plan reportedly says.

The Brisbane Community Action Network G20 (BrisCAN-G20) and Occupy Brisbane both shared the plan on Facebook this week.

BrisCAN-G20 organiser Robin Taubenfeld said she did not know who was behind Plan B but she was not in a position to denounce or criticise it.

Police Assistant Commissioner Katarina Carroll condemned plans for violence and said she would be bitterly disappointed if the G20 summit descended into the kind of chaos that had marred recent world economic summits.

“When we have got so much going on across the world in terms of terrorism issues, to push this out to various groups is irresponsible,” she said.