PUP Senator Jacqui Lambie has linked sharia to terrorism after calling for all those who follow the Islamic code to “get out” of Australia.

Jacqui Lambie has again told Muslims who adhere to sharia law to get out of the country.

However, in an embarrassing television interview on Sunday, the Palmer United Party senator struggled to explain just what sharia is.

Sharia is the moral, legal and religious code followed by all Muslims, but made notorious by extremist groups like Islamic State wanting to implement hardline aspects of Islamic law.

Senator Lambie reiterated her tough stance against sharia on ABC TV’s Insiders program on Sunday.

“If you are not going to show your allegiance to our law, then get out,” she said.

But she was tongue-tied when asked what she understood sharia to mean.

“Well I think, um, when it comes to, um, sharia law, um, you know to me it’s um … it obviously involves terrorism. It involves a power that is not a healthy power,” she said.

In comments likely to inflame current tensions with the Islamic community in Australia, Senator Lambie suggested even moderate Muslims should abandon their faith because of sharia.

She did not have a problem with Muslims, she said.

“I have a problem with extremists and sharia law,” the Tasmanian senator said.

“I want to see their full allegiance – not 50 per cent to the Australian constitution and Australian law.

“It is one law for all – that is the Australian law, full stop.”

A number of Australian Muslims have complained of being targeted following last week’s terror raids, with women abused in the street and one having coffee thrown in her face while stopped at traffic lights in Brisbane.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has called for tolerance towards Australian Muslims, who he has described as “absolutely first-class Australians”.

But his stance has not been helped by some in his own party, with Liberal senator Cory Bernardi using the raids to reignite his long-running campaign to ban the burqa.

Senator Lambie again threw her weight behind a burqa ban, labelling it a “national security issue”.

“It is like a motorbike helmet. It is like a balaclava,” she said.

“I will not allow you to wear that into my office because it is a security risk.”