The Queensland government is open minded about foreign companies leasing electricity generation and transmission networks.

Foreign companies could potentially lease Queensland’s electricity network, the deputy premier says.

The Newman government is leaning towards long-term leases for most state assets as part of a bid to pay down debt.

Power generators and electricity transmission and distribution lines are among assets that could be leased for 50 or 99 years.

Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney says the government can impose strict conditions under long-term leases, which can’t be done under an outright sale.

The government is now considering possible lease conditions, but Mr Seeney says they probably won’t try to stop foreign businesses from leasing the state’s assets, including those which make up the state electricity network.

“Everything is on the table in terms of those discussions,” Mr Seeney told reporters.

“We are going to look at all of the ways that conditions might be applied, but I don’t think where a particular person or company comes from would be one of those conditions.”

The government-owned State Grid Corporation of China and Singapore Power already control large sections of the Victorian and South Australian electricity networks.

Last week, the Queensland parliament voted to deregulate the state’s retail power sector.