A Queensland man accused of recruiting for the terrorist group Islamic State is a peaceful man and the claims are nonsense, his father says.

The father of a Queensland man accused of recruiting for the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group has defended his son as a peaceful man.

Agim Kruezi was one of two men arrested in counter-terrorism raids in Brisbane and Logan on Wednesday.

The 21-year-old, who faced court on Thursday, is alleged to have recruited a person for IS in the past two months. It’s also alleged he obtained funds in preparation for incursions into Syria.

His father Milazim Kruezi has labelled the allegations nonsense and ridiculous.

“My son is innocent. I know he’s a religious man and I’m very proud of him,” he told News Corp Australia.

“We have our good communication and we have our mutual respect and respect as a family.”

IS is an extremist group based in Syria and Iraq fighting for control in the Middle East.

The Australian government describes it as one of the world’s deadliest and most active terrorist groups.

The second man arrested in the raids, Omar Succarieh, 31, is charged with helping Kruezi obtain the money to fight overseas.

He’s also charged with fundraising since August 2013 for the Syria-based extremist group Jabhat al-Nusra, a terrorist group banned in Australia and fighting to defeat the al-Assad regime in Syria.

Succarieh is believed to be the brother of Ahmed Succarieh, who reportedly became Australia’s first suicide bomber in Syria last year.

He and Kruezi were charged under Australia’s Crimes (Foreign Incursions and Recruitment) Act, which makes it an offence to fight or train to fight for rebel groups overseas, or assist such groups.

The matter will return to court on October 17.