Police near Bali are calling off their search operation for Australian Peter Maynard, as his family makes the sad journey home without him.

The search operation for an Australian missing near Bali will be called off, as his family returns home without him.

The search for Queensland father of three Peter Maynard has been going since August 28.

Police were alerted he had vanished from Nusa Lembongan, an island off Bali, where he was on a solo surfing trip.

But the only trace they’ve found of the 45-year-old is the snapped top section of his surfboard.

Detective Nyoman Wirajaya says the search will be called off on Thursday at 6pm (8pm AEST).

It means the search and rescue helicopter and water police boats will no longer be used.

However he stressed that police and locals would still be on the look out for Mr Maynard.

“Up to now, there’s no other significant finding other than that fragment of surfboard,” he said.

The missing Australian’s wife Kylie, brother John and other relatives learned of the disappearance on September 3, and rushed to Bali.

They’ve told police they are returning to Australia on Thursday night.

John Maynard on Wednesday told the ABC it was a tough call.

“We’re still clinging to a glimmer of hope that miracles really do happen,” he said.

Police were initially baffled when hotel staff found all of Mr Maynard’s belongings – including two surfboards – in his room, and no sign of a break-in.

When the family arrived, a tearful Mrs Maynard was able to confirm a third surfboard and rash shirt were missing.

A local man found the broken board piece on August 28, the day after Mr Maynard was last seen alive, but only learned its significance on Saturday night, and handed it in.

Police say the Sunshine Coast family is offering locals a $5000 reward for Mr Maynard’s return “alive or not”.