Queensland’s police chief says Australia needs to review its threat level before the G20 summit in Brisbane.

Queensland’s police commissioner has backed calls for Australia to review its terrorism threat level as the state prepares for an influx of world leaders for the G20 summit.

Outgoing ASIO chief David Irvine has said the spy organisation is actively considering raising Australia’s terror threat level, from medium to high.

The classification means a terrorist attack hasn’t necessarily been identified, but one is considered likely.

Queensland Police commissioner Ian Stewart said it was the right time to review the threat level.

“I believe it likely that further consideration of Australia’s position is necessary and I await the outcome of the meeting tomorrow by the National Security Committee,” he said.

Mr Stewart said threats towards G20 were considered when he discussed the matter with Premier Campbell Newman on Wednesday morning.

“But there is no known threat to any industry, or to any site or to any person in Queensland at this particular time,” he said.

“However, we would be remiss if we hadn’t planned for all contingencies around the G20 summit.”

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay also agreed it was time for a threat level review.

The talk about ASIO reviewing the nation’s terrorism threat levels comes as Australian Federal Police officers on Wednesday charged two men for supporting the terrorist organisation Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria.

“I don’t think it’s unrealistic to say that some of the words of (Mr Irvine) … certainly were made at a time when he was aware what was going to occur here in Queensland today,” Mr Stewart said.