Police in Townsville have seized a stockpile of drugs, cash and weapons including a pen gun and knuckle dusters from bikie-linked properties.

Townsville detectives have seized weapons and $20,000 worth of drugs in simultaneous raids linked to outlaw bikie gangs.

Six raids were carried out across various properties including a tattoo parlour on Tuesday, after an investigation into the drug distribution networks of several bikie gangs.

Cannabis, MDMA and crystal amphetamine worth $20,000, a .22 calibre pen gun and knuckle dusters were seized.

Police also found about $20,000 cash.

Nine people have been charged with 32 offences including the production and possession of dangerous drugs and explosives.

Detective Inspector Brendan Smith said the raids showed how new legislation targeting tattoo parlours was driving illegal activity from the industry.

“Regardless of where these gangs operate in Queensland, police are committed to putting a stop to their criminal activities,” he said.

“Every weapon and every cache of drugs we take off the street is a win for the Queensland community.”