Dozens of Queensland students turned up for a world record for the largest fire safety demonstration, but fell well short of the 2000 needed.

Students at a Queensland school have fallen well short of breaking a world record for the largest fire safety demonstration, but firefighters relished the chance to pass on the “stop, drop and roll” message.

At least 2000 people were needed to set a Guinness world record for the largest fire safety class at the Lawnton State School oval, north of Brisbane, on Saturday.

But only about 100 participants had arrived by the time the demonstration was due to be carried out at 11am (AEST).

Acting station officer Simon Pippos was one of four firefighters who helped instruct the group.

He said a combination of students, parents and locals turned out.

“It wasn’t a world record but we’re more than happy to be involved to instruct as many people as we can and get the message to 100 more people,” he told AAP.

“If we can save one person and it will help one person, then we’ve achieved a goal.”

The event was organised by the Queensland Fire Foundation, Australia’s only national non-profit organisation for fire and burn victims.

Founder Jodee Wyatt said it would draw attention to the need for fire safety awareness.

“Every year, fire causes up to 100 deaths and 3000 injuries in Australia,” she said.

“The more people who realise how quickly a fire spreads and who know how to protect themselves, the better.”