Organisers claim thousands have rallied against the federal government in regional areas across Australia, ahead of more protests in the capital cities.

Community groups around Australia have launched a first wave of weekend, anti-government protests in regional centres across the nation.

The March Australia group says about 4000 people attended 13 rallies on Saturday, with more expected to attend protests on Sunday.

Spokesman Loz Lawrey says the group’s number continues to grow as more people become disenchanted with the federal government.

Mr Lawrey says earlier protests were made up of people who did not vote for the coalition at last year’s election, but that is changing.

“What we’re finding this time is a lot of people who did vote for them have come on board because they can’t believe the extent this government is going to, the lies and misrepresentation that have happened, and the broken promises,” he said.

Mr Lawrey said March Australia held rallies on Saturday at places including the New South Wales towns of Armidale, Bega, Goulburn and Gosford, at Caboolture and Toowoomba in Queensland, and Geelong, Horsham and Wodonga in Victoria.

He said another 16 marches would be held on Sunday, including in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.