A Queensland LNP politician has apologised, after being reprimanded by the Premier, for inappropriate comments he made about Asian drivers.

A Queensland politician has apologised for saying that Asian people don’t understand road rules.

Liberal National Party MP and chief government whip Vaughan Johnson told a radio host on Thursday morning that foreign drivers, particularly those of Asian descent, didn’t comprehend road rules.

He also called for them to undergo testing before they took to the state’s roads.

But later in the day Mr Johnson issued a letter to apologise.

“I apologise for any offence cause by my recent comments regarding foreign drivers on Queensland roads,” he wrote.

“I wanted to convey that all drivers in Queensland must take care on the roads.

“I regret the way in which I expressed my concerns and acknowledge my comments were inappropriate.”

Premier Campbell Newman said he didn’t support his chief whip’s comments and that Mr Johnson had been spoken to.

“I don’t agree with his comments and I reject them, and I believe he understands that he went a little bit too far,” Mr Newman told reporters.

“He’s been spoken to.”

The state’s peak motoring body, RACQ, said it had never come across any evidence suggesting ethnicity or nationality had anything to do with driving skills.

“Driving is one of the individual things you can do. Some people are good others aren’t so good but we have no evidence that ethnicity or nationality play any part in your driving ability,” spokesman Paul Turner told AAP.