Queensland’s premier says crawling along in road work zones unnecessarily is frustrating, so he’s doing something about it.

Queensland motorists will be spared having to slow down when road works aren’t being carried out.

Premier Campbell Newman says he understands the frustration of crawling along unnecessarily and will have speed restrictions scrapped.

“One of the greatest frustrations for drivers is having to slow to a crawl when there are no road works taking place – whether that’s at night or on the weekend,” he said in a statement.

RACQ, the state’s peak motoring group, agreed. Its safety policy manager Steve Spalding said motorists became frustrated in reduced speed areas when there was no obvious reason for it.

“Our research shows that almost 70 per cent of motorists who speed in road works zones do so because they believed the reduced limit is inappropriate,” Mr Spalding said, adding only three per cent of drivers admitted to speeding through school zones.