The Queensland Police Union says there was no chase before a suspected stolen sedan ran a red light and killed an innocent driver in Brisbane.

The police union says there was no pursuit before a suspected stolen car ran a red light, killing an innocent driver in Brisbane.

A 65-year-old woman died when a sedan sped through a red light at an Alexandra Hills intersection on Thursday afternoon.

Before the crash, police in an unmarked police car had activated lights and sirens in an attempt to intercept the sedan, but the vehicle did not stop.

Queensland Police Union president Ian Leavers said an investigation was underway, but police had not been chasing the sedan.

“There was no police pursuit, but I’m limited as to what I can say as the matter is currently before the coroner,” he told ABC radio.

“The police union is fully supportive of all police involved in this incident and our view is that police have acted appropriately.”

A man and a woman who were travelling in the sedan were taken to the Princess Alexandra Hospital with serious injuries.

Police on Friday said the man, 40, had been charged with manslaughter.

The police Ethical Standards Command is also investigating the incident.