Lady Gaga is in Perth for the start of her Australian tour, signing autographs and posing for photographs with fans she affectionately calls “monsters”.

Lady Gaga entered a hotel lobby full of waiting fans like she was strutting onto a stage – not like she had just landed from a long-haul flight.

The outrageous performer certainly knows how to make an entrance, stepping out at Crown Perth on Sunday afternoon wearing tinted glasses and an oversized short-sleeved black leather jacket that left plenty of skin before the start of her thigh-high leather boots.

The 28-year-old pop star took the time to greet her fans – she affectionately calls “monsters”, posed for dozens of photos and signed many autographs.

She even held a baby and danced with several young children. Long-time “monster” Kale Talbot said meeting Lady Gaga was an emotional whirlwind for him.

“I love how she’s created such inspiring music and how she is such an inspiration to people around the world,” he told AAP.

“I just got to thank her for that. She called me beautiful and she hugged me and I can now say that was the best day of my life.”

Phillip Minuto said his Twitter account was “going off” after he tweeted his selfie with her.

He flew to Perth from Sydney to see Lady Gaga and is going to all of her shows in Australia.

“I’m so happy that I got that chance to meet her,” he told AAP.

“I just love how she loves her fans and I think more artists need to be like her.”

Alastair Whitelaw, 22, has been a “monster” for five years and waited more than two hours for a glimpse of Lady Gaga.

Gemma Maddox, 21, has been a fan since the American’s first album and will also travel to Melbourne to see the pop star.

“I’ll be going to three concerts. It’s going to cost just under $2000 but its worth it for her,” she told AAP.

Lady Gaga will begin her first Australian tour since 2012 in Perth on Wednesday night, before travelling to Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

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