Map designer Damien Saunder has documented the entire live worldwide career of more than 2000 INXS gigs as a digital map.

It’s been 37 years since the very first INXS gig on Sydney’s northern beaches.

It was a humble start and the first of 2,145 gigs the Aussie band played during their spectacular career, performing to 30 million people in 49 countries.

The first INXS shows were small, including that launch gig at Whale Beach on August 16, 1977.

Australian map designer Damien Saunder has documented the entire live career of INXS as a map.

“INXS are in a rare club of bands that have played plus-2000 global gigs, including the Stones, Bob Dylan and Bon Jovi,” he said on Saturday.

The digital map shows in the first two years INXS performed only in Sydney and regional NSW.

But by 1981, INXS were performing in Victoria and Queensland, and in 1982 the band embarked on its first “world” tour – Australia and New Zealand.

Perth also got its first INXS show in 1982, even though the Farris Brothers and Michael Hutchence had their origins in the West Australian capital as The Farris Brothers.

Then in 1983 INXS flew to the US, which launched them on the world stage.

The lights start to spread, as Europe and Hong Kong follow in 1984.

Buenos Aires lights up in 1986, off the back of their album Listen Like Thieves, but it isn’t until the 1990s when South America gets a serious workout.

Africa is treated to INXS live for the first time in 1997.

US-based Saunder says his INXS map is the first of his artist map documentaries.

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