Controlled explosions at a Brisbane house are expected to continue for a second day, following the discovery of a chemical stockpile.

The discovery of dangerous chemicals in a Brisbane shed has forced neighbours from their homes as police conduct controlled explosions.

People around the Pullenvale property have been kept away from their homes as police assessed the stability of the chemicals stockpile found in the detached shed on Wednesday night.

A police emergency was declared and controlled explosions began on Thursday morning with more expected to follow.

Acting Inspector Mark Bradford said further blasts were likely on Friday morning but declined to detail the quantity of chemicals found at Red Cedar Road.

“The concern is when you have a number of chemicals and they are put together, that causes a concern for us and poses a potential risk,” he told reporters at the scene.

“From my understanding, they are readily available.”

A man and a woman are believed to have been evicted from the property recently.

A real estate agent conducting an inspection alerted police after allegedly finding drug paraphernalia in the home on Wednesday afternoon.

Neighbours are being allowed to return to their homes on Thursday afternoon but will have to leave again on Friday morning.