Sydney’s 17-storey Eliza building has been shortlisted for a British design award with the winner to be announced in September.

A Sydney residential building has been shortlisted for a British design award.

The winner of the International Design & Architecture Awards awards will be announced in London in September.

The 17-level Eliza on Elizabeth Street, in the city’s CBD, recently won the local Urban Taskforce Design Excellence Award for a medium-density building.

It has also been shortlisted for the Idea Awards in Melbourne in September.

Each floor in the Eliza is a different shape and each of the 19 apartments is bespoke.

Architect Tony Owen used three-dimensional computer modelling and “visualisation” software to create the fluid, curved design.

“Eliza is an example of ‘liquid architecture’,” said Mr Owen. “We are continuing to explore complex free-form shapes in such current projects as Alpha in Lewisham and The Melbourne in Brisbane.”

Shortlisted entries in the British awards are voted on by industry professionals as well as the readers, clients and customers of Design Et Al magazine.