Police are searching for a car load of men who unleashed a volley of shots after a road rage incident south of Brisbane.

Police believe a road rage incident sparked a drive-by shooting in which a volley of bullets was fired in a suburban street south of Brisbane.

Police say two men, returning home from football training, got into a verbal dispute with men in another car at Logan on Thursday night.

The two men drove off but when they pulled up at a unit complex at the Logan suburb of Waterford West, they were fired on by someone from the other car, which had followed them home.

Five shots were fired but only one hit the pair’s car after it ricocheted off the road.

Detective Superintendent Dave Hutchinson said the two men were left shaken.

“The earlier altercation wasn’t anything of significance,” he told Fairfax Radio.

“There wasn’t any crash, there wasn’t any violence. It was just some harsh words spoken.”

Police are searching for up to five people who were in the other car, which was a white or silver four-door hatchback.

Ballistics experts have been called in to determine what sort of gun was used.

“It’s of great concern on any occasion when people are walking around in public with loaded firearms,” Det Supt Hutchinson said.

“Certainly we’ll be putting a lot of resources into the job today.”

On Friday, the state government announced the city would bolster its CCTV network with a $1.2 million upgrade jointly funded with the local council.

Local Government Minister David Crisafulli said the project would make Logan a safer place to raise a family.

“These improved CCTV cameras send a clear message that anti-social behaviour is not tolerated.”