A Brisbane family have had a close call when two double-decker tourist buses crashed in New York’s Times Square.

An Australian three-year-old holidaying with her family in New York has narrowly escaped death after a traffic light pole fell and crushed her stroller when two double-decker tour buses collided in Times Square.

Lila Meredith was taken to a nearby hospital, but her father said apart from being “a little shaken” she was given the all clear.

One of the bus drivers, William Dalambert, 58, of New Jersey was charged with driving while impaired.

Dalambert was allegedly the driver of a CitySights bus that slammed into a stopped Gray Line bus near the corner of West 47th St and Seventh Avenue on Tuesday.

The Gray Line bus mounted the sidewalk and knocked down the traffic light pole, striking Brisbane’s Meredith family, who were walking through Times Square, according to police.

At least 15 people were hurt, although none had life-threatening injuries, police said.

It was decided Lila should be checked out at the hospital.

“It’s just a precautionary check,” Lila’s father, Martin, told the Wall Street Journal.

“She’ll be fine.

“A little shaken as you would expect.”