The latest Senate pecuniary interests register reveals new senators have received trips and accommodation and several are wealthy.

New senators received free trips and accommodation even before they took up their seats in parliament.

In their first pecuniary interest returns published on the parliamentary website on Wednesday, the newest senators who took up their seats in July have also shed light on their wealth, or lack of it.

Liberal Democrats senator David Leyonhjelm appears to be the wealthiest of the newest senators, holding shares in Australand, Healthscope, Multiplex, Suncorp, Tabcorp, Elders, NAB, Westpac and Woodside Petroleum.

He also has an interest in an agribusiness consultancy, Baron Strategic Services, and has a farm at Hargraves in NSW’s central west, as well as a house and commercial property in Drummoyne in Sydney.

He is one of several of the new senators who received free travel and hospitality.

Senator Leyonhjelm was a guest of tobacco company Philip Morris International at the Melbourne Formula One Grand Prix in March.

The senator also reveals he is the treasurer and registered officer of two political parties – the Liberal Democrats and the Outdoor Recreation Party.

The Liberal National Party’s Matt Canavan has declared the receipt of “discounted Angus beef” from his former employer Stanbroke, with whom he worked from October 2013 to June this year.

He has also received air tickets from the Australian Banana Growers Council, the Grassland Society of Southern Australia and SMART Infrastructure at the University of Wollongong.

From his election in September 2013 until January this year he was a consultant with the Nationals.

Palmer United Party senators Dio Wang and Glenn Lazarus declared trips to Coolum on the Sunshine Coast and the US city of Boston courtesy of their party.

Their PUP colleague Jacqui Lambie did not initially declare the trips and only noted a personal bank account and credit card on her register.

But on Wednesday she updated the register to include trips to Coolum, Boston and Washington DC after advice from the Senate clerk.

Senator Lazarus also declared a residential property and four investment properties he holds jointly with his partner.

Ricky Muir, from the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party, received two suits from the Palmer United Party and trips to Sydney, Coolum, Canberra and Boston courtesy of PUP.

LNP senator James McGrath received travel to Israel from the Australia-Israel-UK leadership dialogue in July and a business class trip to Sri Lanka courtesy of the United National Party.

He also undertook contract work, between his election and June this year, with Santos, KPMG, Pharmacy Guild, National Retail Association and the NSW and WA divisions of Liberal Party.

Labor senator Joe Bullock noted a motor vehicle received from the Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Association, of which he is WA president and national vice-president.

His Queensland Labor counterpart Chris Ketter has a house in Brisbane and two investment properties.

WA Liberal senator Linda Reynolds has a consultancy business, which she ceased to work for on June 30, and a holiday home on Indonesia’s Lembongan Island.