Queensland’s top cop says a television series about crime fighting on the Gold Coast was not initiated by himself or the Newman government.

Queensland’s police commissioner insists the state government was not involved in negotiations for a television series about crime fighting on the Gold Coast.

The 10-part series for Network Ten, titled Gold Coast Cops, will follow members of the police Rapid Action and Patrols Group as they tackle outlaw motorcycle gangs and organised crime.

Commissioner Ian Stewart denies the series was initiated by the Queensland Police Service (QPS) or the Newman government.

“We didn’t ask for this. The production company came to us. So obviously they think that there’s a market out there for this type of good news story,” he told reporters in Brisbane on Monday.

Queensland Council for Civil Liberties vice-president Terry O’Gorman has raised concerns that senior police are prepared to be politically used by the Liberal National Party (LNP).

“The program is clearly intended to paint the police in a good light, and therefore to paint the government in a good light” he argued.

But Mr Stewart said the series is designed to showcase the work of Gold Coast officers and the application for exclusive access was a matter for the QPS as an organisation.

Police Minister Jack Dempsey was advised of the series at an “appropriate time”, the commissioner said.

He also pointed out the QPS has previously granted access to its personnel and facilities for television productions.

Mr Dempsey rejected claims that the series would amount to a PR exercise for the LNP.

“Obviously, the community gets to see the professionalism, the hard-working aspects of Queensland police officers, and I do compliment them on this particular show,” he said.