An Australian man has a message for Ukraine’s warring forces: “Put down your weapons, make peace and give some meaning to my parents’ deaths.”

An Australian man mourning the loss of his parents in the Malaysia Airlines disaster has a message for warring forces in Ukraine.

Make peace and let something good flow from the grief of too many families around the world.

Paul Guard says he’s looking for a silver lining, something that will help him make some sense of the loss of his mum and dad, Queensland couple Roger and Jill Guard.

“We’re less concerned about the time it will take to bring them home. We hope there’s a positive to come from this – that those people fighting on the ground will stop, put down their weapons, come around a table and talk,” Mr Guard has told Fairfax media.

“We would prefer to see an end to these monstrous activities.

“We would be consoled somewhat if something positive came from this, like a ceasefire, like talks around a table.”

Jill and Roger Guard, who were both doctors, died on their way home from a holiday that included visiting relatives in Britain and a cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam, where they boarded the fateful flight.