Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says reports of an Australian suicide bomber in Iraq underscore the government’s concern about Australians fighting overseas.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is alarmed by reports an Australian suicide bomber may have killed up to five people in the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) claimed on Twitter that a man dubbed Abu Bakr al-Australi detonated explosives at a market.

“Abu Bakr Al Australi may Allah accept him targets a Shiite temple the Militias use as HQ & Kills and injures 90 militiamen,” the tweet said.

Ms Bishop said if the reports are confirmed the man will be the second Australian to undertake suicide bombing in the Middle East.

“This underscores the government’s deep concerns about Australians going overseas to fight,” she told reporters in Brisbane.

“If this report is true it’s a tragedy that a young Australian could become a suicide bomber and kill others.”

The government was taking the matter seriously and was looking at ways to stop Australians going overseas to be radicalised and returning home.