Two Queenslanders have been left stunned after thieves pretending to be buyers drove off in their high-performance cars.

Thieves masquerading as car buyers have swiped at least two high-performance vehicles during test drives in Queensland.

In one recent case, the stunned owner of a BMW 335i, who went along for the ride, was abandoned on a roadside after he got out to swap seats with the “buyer”, the RACQ says.

Another thief swiped a Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) F6 turbo at the end of a test drive, in front of the owner’s home.

The RACQ has urged anyone selling a vehicle to be aware of the risks and check the identities of potential buyers.

In both cases the vehicles had been advertised for sale online, the RACQ’s Mike Sopinski said.

“The brazen manner in which they were stolen is nothing short of astonishing, especially when you consider thieves are able to shop to order through this method of car theft,” he said.