Queensland police are still on the lookout for a man who attempted to run down an officer with his 4WD.

A police officer has repeatedly fired on a man who tried to run him down in Brisbane.

The offender remains on the run after the officer fired at a four-wheel drive that was driven at him about 2.20am (AEST) on Monday.

Queensland police media issued a statement on Monday afternoon clarifying there was more than one person in the 4WD, which was reversing towards the police officer when he opened fire.

The statement confirmed the man was still being sought but a woman was assisting police with their inquiries.

The drama unfolded as police tried to intercept the man for earlier offences. Police say he wasn’t hit.

At least six bullet holes are visible in the body work of the four-wheel drive. Sniffer dogs are being used as the manhunt continues.

“A car was driven at a police officer and he’s discharged his firearm,” Acting Inspector Craig Smith told the ABC.

Members of the police ethical standards command are investigating the shooting.