Queensland’s LNP members have endorsed a motion calling for Australia’s five cent piece to be scrapped during the state’s party conference in Brisbane.

The five cent coin with it’s curled up echidna may become an endangered species.

That’s if Queensland’s LNP members get their way.

In one of 81 endorsements to be voted on during the party’s three-day conference, a motion asking the LNP to propose to the federal government that production of the nation’s smallest denomination of currency be stopped and the tiny coins taken out of circulation was carried.

The seemingly innocuous motion sparked a short but impassioned debate, with Young LNP member Debra Smith telling the convention the coins were basically worthless in modern society.

“It makes no sense to continue with a coin that costs one cent extra to produce then it’s actually worth,” Ms Smith said.

Other party members argued for the five cent piece, with one claiming it was the only coin practical for instant scratch-it tickets.

Another argued that scrapping the coin would drive prices up.

In the end, the economic argument won the day and the motion was carried.

The conference concludes on Sunday.