The prime minister has urged Queenslanders to stick with Campbell Newman, saying only an LNP government can work with Canberra on upgrading infrastructure.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has called on Queensland voters to stick with Premier Campbell Newman and claims they can’t entrust the state to Labor.

An opinion poll released earlier in the week suggested Mr Newman and more than half his MPs face losing their seats at next year’s state election.

The ReachTEL poll of voters commissioned by The Sunday Mail and the Seven Network indicated that up to 40 of the Liberal National Party’s (LNP) 73 sitting members could be voted out, reports based on the poll said.

A Galaxy poll in February had earlier predicted similar pain for the LNP at next year’s election.

Mr Abbott used a speech at the LNP state conference in Brisbane on Saturday to call on Queenslanders to stand by their “great” premier.

He said key infrastructure projects could not happen if the federal government was forced to work with a Labor state government in Queensland.

“Only a coalition government in Canberra will work with a coalition government in Brisbane to move the people and the goods of Queensland around this great state,” he told the party faithful.

“You can’t trust Labor to build roads because they’re in alliance with the Greens.

“They are the obstacles to progress, they are the enemies of progress.

“If you want to build the roads of the future, you have one friend, and that’s the coalition.”

Queensland treasurer Tim Nicholls said next year’s election will be a chance for Queenslanders to have their say over the government’s plan to sell or lease $33.6 billion in state assets.

Mr Nicholls outlined his plans during his speech to the conference on Saturday afternoon, saying asset sales won’t be universally popular but the LNP state government firmly believes they are the best option.

“We remain committed to seeking a mandate on this, as we believe we should take it to the people of Queensland,” Mr Nicholls told attendees.

“We will have, and continue to have, the highest debt in the nation unless we do something about it.”