The Queensland premier says his government has made some extraordinary achievements in just two years, including tackling the state’s financial woes.

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman says his government has achieved 10 years worth of reforms in just two.

Mr Newman said his government had made some very tough decisions but the state is now in a far better position than it was when he took office in March 2012.

He said the economy was growing, job creation was on the rise, frontline services including the public health system had been revitalised, crime rates were down and the state’s financial woes were being addressed.

“In the next financial year, 15/16, for the first time in over a decade, this state will not have to borrow money. That’s an amazing achievement for this government,” he told ABC radio Thursday.

Mr Newman said the pace of reform had been rapid.

“In just over two years, we’ve basically achieved what I’d say is about 10 years worth of reform,” he said.

“We have taken on a lot of important and thorny issues but the state is now a better state two and bit years from when we took over.”

Asked if the government had made too many enemies with its reform agenda, he said that was a matter for others to reflect on.

But he added: “I certainly acknowledge that’s what happens when you undertake reform and renewal but I think the results speak for themselves.”

He said people needed to look no further than the issue of job creation for proof of the state’s improved health.

“We’re a fifth of the nation’s population but over half the nation’s jobs growth in the last 12 months has been in Queensland.”

Two recent polls have shown Mr Newman’s Liberal National Party government is likely to lose next year’s state election.

Political commentators have also said it’s likely to lose a by-election in the northern Brisbane seat of Stafford on July 19.

Last month, Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney said the government was hurting, arguably because its reform agenda had been “too much, too quick” and the government must work to better explain why this was necessary.