A dozen new senators from a fistful of parties gather in Canberra on Thursday for a two-day training session ahead of their first sitting next week.

There won’t be any finger painting but some may have a nap when a dozen new politicians head to Canberra for “senator kindy”.

Twelve new senators will gather in Parliament House for a training session on Thursday and Friday ahead of the first sitting of the new Senate next week.

The basic training will cover being sworn in, electing a president, basic rules of debate and the legislative process.

The 12 will also look at the concept of “whipping” – where the major party whips seek to marshal senators to go into the chamber and vote.

“I’ll be there for senator kindy,” NSW Liberal Democrat David Leyonhjelm told AAP.

The new senators are: Joe Bullock (ALP, WA), Matthew Canavan (LNP, QLD), Bob Day (Family First, SA), Chris Ketter (ALP, QLD), Jacqui Lambie (Palmer United, TAS), Glenn Lazarus (Palmer United, QLD), David Leyonhjelm (LDP, NSW), James McGrath (LNP, QLD), Ricky Muir (Motoring Enthusiast Party, VIC), Linda Reynolds (LIB, WA), Janet Rice (Greens, VIC) and Dio Wang (Palmer United, WA).

Senator Muir arrived in Canberra early and had a half-hour meeting with Prime Minister Tony Abbott on Wednesday afternoon.

Mr Abbott congratulated him on his election and outlined his legislative agenda, including abolishing the carbon and mining taxes and passing the budget.