Palmer United Party Senate Leader Glenn Lazarus leads the pack of incoming senators in terms of Twitter followers.

He hasn’t taken his Senate seat yet, but the Palmer United Party’s Glenn Lazarus already has the political world atwitter.

The Queensland league legend, whose term starts on Tuesday and who will be sworn in on July 7, leads the pack with 2227 followers on his Twitter account @GlennLazarusPUP.

Among the 12 new senators, the Janet Rice (@janet_rice) from the Greens has the second-highest Twitter following with 1892.

Coming in dead last is the Australian Motoring Enthusiasts’ Ricky Muir (@muir_ricky) with 111.

But Mr Muir has become the subject of many “fakes”.

And he’s well ahead of the new Labor senators Chris Ketter and Joe Bullock, and PUP’s Dio Wang, who have yet to set up Twitter accounts.