A Queensland doctor who removed the wrong kidney from a patient, misdiagnosed a condition and nicked an artery is set to learn his professional fate.

A Queensland doctor who removed the wrong kidney from a patient is expected to learn on Friday if he’ll be freed from restrictions on his medical work.

The Medical Board of Australia last month suspended Rockhampton urologist Antonio Vega Vega after the surgical error came to light.

Dr Vega Vega is also alleged to have misdiagnosed a twisted testicle, causing it to be ultimately removed, nicked another surgical patient’s artery, and wrongly positioned a stent in a separate operation.

Last week, the medical board partially lifted the suspension it imposed on Dr Vega Vega last month.

But the doctor is unhappy with the conditions it imposed, including that he only practice under supervision and undergo medical competency reviews every month.

Dr Vega Vega has taken his case to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal, where he has explained the complex circumstances that led to him removing a patient’s right kidney, instead of the diseased left one.

He explained the patient had spina bifida, and that meant the patient had an abnormal anatomy.

QCAT is expected to hand down its decision on Friday.

Regardless of the outcome, the Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service says Dr Vega Vega won’t be allowed to practice again in its area until external investigations are complete.