A coronial inquest will be held in August into what caused Australia’s worst house fire in which 11 people died south of Brisbane.

A coronial inquest into Australia’s worst house fire will look at the cost of smoke alarms and whether they should be installed every time a house is bought in Queensland.

Eleven people from two Pacific Islander families died in the Slacks Creek blaze, just south of Brisbane, in August 2011.

Most were sleeping when the night-time fire ripped through the home, with four teenagers and four children aged under 10 among those killed.

Three others managed to escape.

While foul play has been ruled out, the August inquest will examine how the families died, if any factors prevented their escape, and if accommodation issues contributed to their deaths.

Coroner James McDougall told a pre-inquest conference in Brisbane on Thursday it will also investigate the cost of smoke alarms and whether they should be compulsory in every house bought.

“It is proposed to examine the question of whether it should be compulsory not just for newly built houses to be fitted with smoke alarms, but whether when a house is sold and changes hands it should also be compulsory in those circumstances,” he told the court.

Those killed in the 2011 blaze included mother Teukisia Lale and her five children, aged eight to 18, as well as Fusi, Anna Maria, La’Haina and Kahlahni Taufa and Ardele Lee.

Family friend Louie Naumovski hopes the investigation will help save other families.

“It was a tragic loss of life,” he said.

“We can’t bring them back.

“The family is coping okay, but August will be a timely reminder for them – it’s coming up to the third anniversary of the fire.”

Mr Naumovski asked that surviving family be shielded from distressing video and audio during the inquest.

Coroner McDougall said they would not be publicly released.

“There is a risk of them ending up on the internet,” he told he court.

“I know the video evidence contains very confronting material.”

The coronial inquest has been set down for August 18 to 29.