While the AFL made contact with Geelong about how they handled Allen Christensen’s high contact last weekend, there’s no investigation.

Geelong coach Chris Scott has shot down media talk that the AFL are investigating how the Cats handled Allen Christensen’s head knock last weekend.

Scott went as close as he gets to being testy in a media conference when asked about the AFL’s interest in the issue.

“Let’s be clear – there’s no AFL investigation. None,” he said.

“The AFL asked for a medical report for the MRP (match review panel) and our doctor the day after the game spoke to the medical officer.

“After that, it was done.”

When asked about Christensen’s concussion, Scott again was firm.

“There was no concussion,” he said.

Christensen suffered high contact during last weekend’s loss to Gold Coast and had to leave the field, but was back on the ground within five minutes.

That attracted the interest of the AFL amid rising concerns worldwide about the long-term effects of concussion in contact sports.

Brisbane legend Jonathan Brown retired on Monday after his latest concussion.

The AFL also met with club doctors on Tuesday night to discuss how they deal with player concussions during games.

The AFL confirmed there was no ongoing investigation into how the Cats handled Christensen’s brief absence from the field.